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Saturday, 17 August 2013

C# Quiz Application

You can use it for your recruitment process. It is small application thatworks well.

About Quiz

The test contains 8 questions and there is a time limit of 5 mint.  These questions and time is increased according to your organisation need.
The test is not official, it's just a nice way to see how much you know, or don't know, about ASP.

Count Your Score
You will get 1 point for each correct answer. At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed. Maximum score is 20 points.

Purpose : For employee recruitment process.

if you have any problem , feel free to contact me via mail or comment.

Friday, 16 August 2013

TELIUM Naming Conventions

Some naming conventions that are used in TELIUM documentations and that must be known !
- module : software loaded into the terminal, it can be a DLL, an OS, an application, a component or the Manager
- application : software that has a human interface and under the control of the Manager
- Manager : a particular application that controls all the applications and components
- Scheme : a particular application executed in the crypto processor : a scheme comes with an application, a manager or a DLL
- DLL : a dynamic linked library executed in the context of the linked application. A DLL is loaded separately. Manager has some DLLs.
- Component : application that does not have human interface and under the control of the Manager

Some usefull tips for easier development

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Reset terminal
• Press «.» and «Yellow» keys at the same time
Turn to LLT mode
• Reset then hole «arrow up» key or access loading menu throug F0211
– Delete all software, including parameters files
• Reset, then at boot hold F1 («*» is displayed)
Then press quickly F4 («**» is displayed)
Then press quickly F2 («***» is displayed)
Then press quickly F3 («LLT» is displayed)

(F1, F2, F3, F4, delete all software except parameters files)
(Note that LLT or Simulator will work only if trace is not activated on USB. If EFT resets :
execute «reset» + «arrow up» to force LLT mode, download system.cfg with disable trace and restart

Delete one application
• Reset, then at boot when «- - -» appears, press quickly «F2» (or «2» on ICT220/250)
In menu, select «deletion», select one application, press «enter» and reset terminal again
Enter code «26» for selection by number, code «07» for selection in a list

To wake up an EFT930
• Press «paper feed» key
– To turn it off an EFT 930
• Execute a reset
(If outside the base, it will turn off. If on the base, it will just reset and stay power on)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to know the device is working properly

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:-)            this smiley sign show -->  terminal is working
 :-(           this sady sign show -->  terminal is not working or corrupted

when the terminal is corrupted then you will get a 'error:' message on the terminal also.

 Reactivation of the terminal needed (Recovery tool) or send that terminal to ingenico office to get repair.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Entry Point method of Telium application

void entry(void)   ---> In entry.c file
object_info_t info;
/// Recording services
ObjectGetInfo(OBJECT_TYPE_APPLI, ApplicationGetCurrent(),&info);
give_interface(info.application_type, NULL, NULL);
strcpy(," MhLottery ");
appName[OBJECT_NAME_LEN] = '\0';


Entry points are application’s functions lunched by the manager on events as :
– Reset
– Key pressed
– Clock (cyclic execution)
– Magnetic card swiped
– Smart card inserted
– File received
– It is also possible to create your own event using IAM mechanism…
Application must record services for all entry points at application boot
2 types of entry point (EP)
– Polling EP : Manager polls all applications (broadcast)
• Polling order is performed according to a defined priority
– Selecting EP : Manager gives focus to one application
At the end of each entry point, application must return to Manager

int after_reset(NO_SEGMENT no, void *p1, S_TRANSOUT *param_out)

– Activated on each terminal reset (Polling according to priority)
– No data coming from Manager
– Data to return to Manager
» If previous transaction was interrupted
– Application reset processing
• Check if cold reset (after downloading) or warm reset (no downloading)
• Initialise data and create disks
• Latest moment to call RegisterPowerFailure()
• Load and Open all mandatory Dlls
» Note that these 2 last cases Dll and RegisterPowerFailure() can also be moved to
entry() function, just after the service registering command.

Device Tamper detection

Any tempering attempt :
– Clear the secret areas
– Display a warning message (“Alert irruption” blinking)
– Lock the keyboard
– Reactivation of the terminal needed (Recovery tool)
– :-) product is activated
– :-( product is deactivated

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Getting Start with EFT930G Terminal

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 SAGEM EFT930G POS Terminal we have to do the following:

  1. Look inside the folder where you installed the Telium SDK  in C:\Program Files\SDK30\SDK 9.4.0\. now go toComponent\OS folder. At that Folder you will see  m31 files. If your terminal is for MOCK-UP, upload the EFT930_MOCKUP.M31 and if it is for production, upload the file EFT930_DIR_PROD.M31
  2. When uploading is finished, “Disconnect” the terminal. The terminal will reboot and returns to LLT mode.
  3. Now the time to load managers file. It is also necessary for handling other application for running.
  4. “Connect” the terminal again, but this time, look for the \Component\Manager folder. In this folder, there are 4 flavors to choose from: EFT930_export_PROD.M31, EFT930_health_PROD.M31,EFT930_interne_PROD.M31, and EFT930_spain_PROD.M31. In our case, we usually select interne or export. Upload the selected telium manager by dragging the file.
  5. Disconnect the terminal. When the terminal reboots, it will ask for several parameters (if the application will be using GPRS radio, do not forget to select GPRS to AUTO and fill up the APN)
  6. When loading of manager is finished, the terminal will reboot again but this time the words “LOAD APPLICATION” will be displayed on screen.

User manual eft930 g

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